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As everyone will know, Humberto proved to be more destructive than forecast. Manor house suffered some damage, mainly to doors and windows. However, as regards landscaping, the impact was significant due to all our plants, shrubs and trees being full of summer foliage.


The clean up as been moving ahead steadily and, as leaves continue to die off and fall, we have some weeks of impact ahead.

We also have a significant amount of fallen, broken and damaged material in our boundary areas. Through Oct and Nov the landscaping crew will be working to clean all of this up. They will coordinate this with the normal autumn pruning cycle. The impact will be quite noticeable initially but as everything begins to regrow and leaves come back, the new grow will be a lot stronger thanks to the clean out and pruning. We will reap the rewards with how everything will look next summer.

Specimens from a recently planted native Olivewood hedge show their resilience post Humberto.


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