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As many of you have noticed there has been some work going on on our south eastern boundary with Bierman's quarrey, and Lolly’s Well Road. For many decades the wilderness area on our south eastern boundary has been a dumping ground for construction waste and general rubbish.

The area had been colonized with many invasive species such as mexican pepper. Numerous hurricanes and tropical storms had pushed many trees over creating a tangled mess of broken branches, tree stumps, and other detritus which were impossible to clear out.

The recent hurricane Humberto has pushed several trees down, destroying the boundary fence. It was decided that ignoring this area was not an option any more and that a thorough clean out was necessary in order to reclaim our property and repair the fence and boundary line.

To date, more than 30 truckloads of waste have been removed and more than 20 truck loads of composted mulch has been delivered. The boundary has been surveyed and staked, and damaged fence removed. We are currently booked in to have a new fence erected commencing in the middle of January.

Warren Darrell and the ARM Team are in the process of replanting over 100 new specimens to create privacy, wind, noise, and dust reduction. We thank all the involved parties for their hard work and the residence of Manor House for their patience.

Specimens from a recently planted native Olivewood hedge show their resilience post Humberto.


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